"Make the horse a companion and not a slave,
you see what an amazing friend he is"... Nuno Oliveira

Welcome to the site.
After your virtual visit, come and meet our team, our horses and our ponies.

The welfare of horses is of paramount concern to us.

Out of conviction first and also to meet a demand from our customers,
accommodation as close as possible 
natural living conditions of the horse have been recreated... 
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We know how to do a lot of things, 
but one of our priorities at home is the retirement of our horse pony friends. 

We are open every day by appointment 
Take the opportunity to organize your escape: a walk, a course or a tailor-made hike. 
You can also contact us to take lessons, 
learn to care for horses or ponies, 
learn to work horses / ponies on foot, 
to gallop, 
of riders, of full nature, ... 
or ethological knowledge, 
or immerse yourself in the life of our horse friends .... 
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